La Crosse Nature Guide

A one-stop resource of outdoor places for nature connections in La Crosse County

This Nature Guide is a resource aiming to make outdoor, nature-rich places in La Crosse County easier to discover - for residents and visitors alike. The array of parks, nature preserves, and hiking and biking trails is expansive. As such, locating and accessing information about each one can quickly become an internet scavenger hunt. This Guide will become your 'home base' when seeking out natural areas in La Crosse County.

The Guide's interactive map allows you to search outdoor places by location. Clicking on a place will quickly provide access to information such as available activities, maps, difficulty level, and more. 

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How to
Use This Guide

Search by location using the map (below). Hover over a location to view the name. Click on a location to "quick view" additional information.

You can expand the map in a new tab by clicking the square in the upper-righthand corner.

This option is great for discovering somewhere new or places close-by.


Search for locations using the "Trails" on the menu bar. Each page will contain information as available, including: address, parking and access information/photos, trail maps, available activities, terrain, etc. It will also include a link to the organization that oversees the property, where more information may be available.

This option is great for finding information on a place you have heard of, but want to know more about.


Discover to Learn

1. Zoom In/Out

2. Discover

Click icon for "Quick Facts"

3. Learn

Select "Trails" in the menu bar and click on the trail name for additional information 

Note: You can expand the map in a new browser tab by selecting the square in the right-hand corner of the map.


  • Definition:

    • The variety in types of life throughout a given environment or ecosystem

  • How we Rate:

    • Took into account species richness throughout the property area

    • Ratings go from (1) little to no biological diversity/monoculture to the higher level rating (5) for a greatly diverse landscape of trees, shrubs, grasses, and water

  • Dominant Features




  • Biodiversity Rating 1-5

1 - poor​

5 - excellent

Scenic Overlook
Mowed Grass
Maintained Gardens
Tall Grass
  • Connection to Health:

    • As the world’s human population continues to be concentrated in urban environments, more people are becoming isolated from nature. Public greenspaces are often the only contact people have with nature. Psychological benefits also increase with the biodiversity of urban greenspace, therefore the species richness of the greenspace should be considered.

    • For more information about the connection between health and nature click here.

    • Fuller, Richard A., Katherine N. Irvine, Patrick Devine-Wright, Philip H. Warren, and Kevin J. Gaston. 2007. “Psychological benefits of greenspace increase with biodiversity.” Biology Letters 3, 390- 394.

This creation of this Guidebook was a collaborative effort, led by the Nature Connections program of the La Crosse County Health Department. The program is currently funded by Mayo Clinic Health System and the Paul E. Stry Foundation. Thank you to the following organizations for their support:

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