La Crosse Nature Guide

A one-stop resource of outdoor places for nature connections in La Crosse County

Health Benefits of Nature Exposure

Connecting with nature is important to our health and well-being, but separation from nature is an unintended consequence of our modern world.

Research shows that connecting with nature has a multitude of health benefits:

• Psychological well-being – increase self-esteem, improved mood, and reduced anxiety

• Cognitive – increased attention span, reduced mental fatigue, and improved productivity

• Physiological – reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and reduced cardiovascular & respiratory disease

• Social & Spiritual – increased inspiration and increased social interaction

Research also shows that exposure to outdoor areas that have more biological diversity (biodiversity) provides the greatest health benefits. Unfortunately, much of our urban environment consists only of turfgrass, asphalt, and concrete.

Connecting with nature for as little as 5 minutes a day brings positive health benefits, and the Nature Connections Guide helps people of all ages discover ways they can get their daily dose of nature.