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Got Snacks?

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Outdoor recreation is an excellent way to incorporate and engage the entire family. One recreation that is a great way to get kids connected to the environment is hiking. The Coulee Region offers a wide variety of hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty. Keeping the kiddos energized and motivated on the hike is key! Trying to wrangle all the kids together is a big enough task as is, so worrying about what snacks to bring can just add to the stress. Check out the list below for easy kid-friendly nutritious trail snacks.

- Mini P&J Sandwiches: Peanut butter (or any nut or seed butter) sandwiches on whole wheat bread are a great way to booster energy for hiking. Cut sandwiches into smaller shapes, so the kiddos can grab and eat as they walk.

- Mini Muffins or Slices of Banana Bread: These are lightweight and easy to eat on the go! Here is a recipe for a simple banana bread that uses whole wheat flour and honey -

- Fresh Cut Fruit: This is a great option if you are planning to be out on the trails for three hours or less.

- Veggie Sticks: Slice carrots, celery and peppers into sticks. Toss in fresh sugar snap peas too.

- Lara Bars: Running short on time to pack? Lara Bars are a fruit and nut bar that typically contain only nuts and dried fruit.

- Dried Fruit: Another great option to have in your pantry for a last-minute hiking trip. Try to find dried fruit without added sugar.

- Trail Mix: Combine dried cranberries, nuts, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds and banana chips for the perfect snack.

- Fruit Leather: Easy to pack and eat while out on the trails.

- No bake energy balls: Here are two easy recipes to try -

Also, don’t forget to pack plenty of water!